5 Ways Short Sale Can Help You

  • Time


    In a short sale you can Stay in your home until the short sale is approved and your home closes without paying mortgage. The typical timeframe from start to finish is 3 to 9 months.
  • No Cost To You

    No Cost To You

    The bank will pay for all of the closing costs and expenses of the short sale. The only thing you need to pay for our your utilities such as gas and electric until the short sale process is complete.
  • Money


    Many owner-occupied short sales receive $10,000 in moveout assistance.
  • Privacy


    A short sale is unlike a regular sale, as there is no sign, and most of the time no lockbox. We can typically find a buyer without having to extensively market your home.
  • The Future

    The Future

    A short sale is typically better on your credit than if your home goes foreclosure.
  • Oh, By The Way ...

    Oh, By The Way ...

    You can purchase a home in as little as two years after your short sale, whereas it could be as long as seven years if your home forecloses.
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