• Time


    In a short sale you can Stay in your home until the short sale is approved and your home closes without paying mortgage. The typical timeframe from start to finish is 3 to 9 months.
  • No Cost To You

    No Cost To You

    The bank will pay for all of the closing costs and expenses of the short sale. The only thing you need to pay for our your utilities such as gas and electric until the short sale process is complete.
  • Money


    Many owner-occupied short sales receive $10,000 in moveout assistance.
  • Privacy


    A short sale is unlike a regular sale, as there is no sign, and most of the time no lockbox. We can typically find a buyer without having to extensively market your home.
  • The Future

    The Future

    A short sale is typically better on your credit than if your home goes foreclosure.
  • Oh, By The Way ...

    Oh, By The Way ...

    You can purchase a home in as little as two years after your short sale, whereas it could be as long as seven years if your home forecloses.
  • How Long Does A Short Sale Take

    Typically 4-6 months. Many take longer, and very few if any we have ever have been shorter than 4 months.

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  • Do I Need A Hardship?

    It depends. Some banks require a hardship and some don’t. Most of the time a simple declaration that you fit into one of the categories of Reduction in income since purchasing the home, unemployment, divorce, or health problems. However, most lenders treat short sale as “no fault” and don’t require a substantial hardship.

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  • What Condition Does The Home Need To Be In?

    We can short sale a house in any condition. If you are not taking equity out of the property its best to leave the home. Short sales are sold as is. You don’t need to put any money into them.

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  • How Much Does A Short Sale Cost?

    The short sale is no cost to the homeowner. This means that the bank will pay for Title/Escrow/Commission and other fees for the real estate transaction. They also pay for relocation assistance.

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  • Seller’s Obligation In A Short Sale

    The short sale is no cost to the owner. However, there are document requirements. Your lender requires documents that will need to be sent to them. They usually have a deadline. I will work with you to give you as much time as possible to fulfil the banks requests. Typically, the bank will not ask for hard to come by documentation.

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  • Credit Reporting And Buying A House Again

    Most short sales show up on a credit report as: Short sale, Settled for a letter amount, or settlement. Currently, if you complete a short sale you can buy in as little as 2 years. If your home goes to foreclosure you may not be able to purchase a home for up to 7 years.

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  • Tax Ramifications And Deficiency

    There are many different Realtors who give legal advice during a short sale. Short sales are complicated! For this reason, my company has contracted with several local attorneys to have a “free to you” 30-minute consultation with an attorney.

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  • Relocation Money

    Most who do a short sale can receive $10,000 in relocation assistance once their short sale closes. There are two main programs for Relocation assistance, One is the HAFA program which is a government funded program where you receive $10,000 to move. The second program is through the state called Keep your Home California(KYHC).

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  • Positive

    Michael helped sell two properties through a trust for us and we truly appreciate his quick response. He was easy to work with, very helpful with the sales process and made the experience positive. I would greatly recommend and use him again.

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  • Upbeat

    Michael put us at ease from our first meeting with his knowledge (I checked on the things he told me) and upbeat personality, inspiring confidence in himself and the process. He guided us faithfully and exactly through the sale of our duplex.

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  • Patient and Trustworthy

    Michael Perry was referred to help with the short sale of my home. He was very knowledgeable, patient, trustworthy and easy to work with. If I was in the position to purchase a home I would definitely use Michael Perry as my agent!

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  • Helpful and Upfront

    Michael was most patient with my many questions and concerns, since this was my first experience with selling a property. My husband and I purchased our house 33 yrs ago and a lot has changed since then. He kept me informed every step of the way of what he was doing and what I needed to do from my  end.

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  • Knowledge and Expertise

    After several frustrating months of working with a "Short Sale Specialist", it was recommended that we contacted Michael Perry. From the beginning, he put us at ease with his knowledge and expertise of the short sale process.

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  • Persistent

    Perry Realty Group is the best! They worked with us for over two years to close a very difficult short sale. They never gave up and their persistence with the banks made all the difference. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, but Perry Realty also cares about meeting their clients needs.

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  • Loyal

    I would definitely recommend the Perry Realty Group when dealing with real estate, because my experience with them when I recently sold my home, was positive and uplifting. Their knowledge, negotiating skills, and their ability to communicate with others, far surpasses what I have been exposed to  when selling property.

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  • Responsive

    I had two transactions with this real estate agency. Both transactions were very smooth and so without any complications. Michael was always very responsive and up-to-date. I would never not hesitate to do another transaction with them. Would highly recommend their services.

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  • Phenomenal

    I have had the pleasure to work with Michael Perry on numerous occasions and couldn't be more happy with the service, expertise and courtesy provided by him and his team. He has helped me purchase several homes for investments around San Diego County. and every transaction has gone as smooth as  you can imagine.

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  • Inspired

    His professionalism and hard work is depicted through each and every transaction he is a part of. His strong knowledge of the sale process helps and inspires buyers that there is hope in buying in this Real Estate Market.

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  • Very Accommodating

    I have had Jaime and Michael represent me on multiple real estate transactions and they are always very accommodating, helpful, and just all around fun to work with. They have an immense knowledge of local markets and definitely know how to negotiate. They are the definition of a power couple!

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